Aleyssa Sanchez

Technical + UX Writer

About Me

Hi, I'm Ley. I'm a software technical writer with 6 years of experience in creating content for developers and end-users. I'm also exploring and building up my portfolio as a UX writer.

I get excited about:
• Designing content that helps people use applications intuitively.
• Providing a frictionless experience through meaningful content and copy.
• Advocating for the use of the Oxford comma and prioritizing readability.

At the moment, I am focused on improving my skills in UX writing, content design, API documentation, and docs-as-code. | +639178877535 | |


Wizeline (Philippines/Vietnam)

Technical Writer II

As a part of a software services team, I create documentation for modern web applications. My responsibilities include:
• Collaborating with developers, QA, product managers, UX designers, and external stakeholders to identify and improve software documentation requirements.
• Creating documentation plans, concept guides, architecture guides, API documentation, quick start guides, and release notes for both developer and end-user audiences.
• Using developer tools such as version control repositories to implement a docs-as-code process for documentation.
• Attending scrum ceremonies and meetings to give documentation updates and advocate for documentation for both internal and external teams.

NCR Corporation (Philippines)

Technical Writer II

I plan, write, and manage documentation for retail and hospitality software. My responsibilities include:
• Creating user guides, installation guides, online help, release notes, API reference, and SDKs for end users and developers.
• Collaborating with developers, product owners, and product managers to establish technical specifications and determine the scope of the documentation.
• Integrating with scrum teams in an Agile environment using JIRA and Confluence tools that allow me to align document release with the product release.
• Leading the initiative on creating a quick reference guide for API documentation and department styles and standards.
• Managing a team of technical writers and applying scrum project management processes.

Accenture, Inc. (Philippines)

Software Engineer

I performed end-to-end software development from design, build, and testing for SAP ABAP program requirements.

Education and Certifications

UX Writer's Collective


UX Writing Fundamentals Course - Certified UX Writer

See credential.

Google (Coursera)


Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

See credential.

Scaled Agile, Inc.


Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist

See credential.

University of San Carlos


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


UX Writing

Click here to view some initial samples.

Concepts Guide

Concepts guide for an ecommerce plugin application.
Click here to download PDF file.

API Documentation

API documentation for a POS software application.

Output is originally in HTML (link) using MadCap Flare.

Click here to download a PDF copy.
Note: PDF was converted directly from HTML output. Please disregard the fonts and layout.

Other Writing Samples

Other documentation samples:
API Release Notes - API release notes published on GitHub.
Store and Forward Feature Documentation - installation steps for payment solution software.

Note: NCR Corporation solely owns the rights to these materials.


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